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Introducing GROFUN by nadiacatkinhillman
September 14, 2006, 9:41 pm
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Dearest friends and associates and generally great people I know in some way or another, welcome to my blog, as some of you will know I am freshly landed here in bristol to plant a seed. i feel that if i tell all my friends i am planting this seed I wont lunch-out the watering, so to speak.

Thus, i do hereby declare that I, nadia am launching the GROFUN community food growing pilot here in Bristol. may GROFUN sprout and flourish and much help be unearthed

Let GROFUN not be rubbish let tasty crops be birthed! may communities be nourished let us all see our own worth.” you know, within a couple of hours of moving here I already had my first enthusiastic GROFUN grower and she has a roof top garden space that is a total blank canvas. but best of all, she lives right next door!

If anyone else wants to read the proposal or find out what roles need filling, please get in touch soon. Meanwhile keep visiting my blog. I promise it’ll be worth it. blessings on all you bountiful beings


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move on, move up, keep growing, keep positive and open up to others so they can do so back to you. positive thoughts to you and all those who sail on the G.R.O.F.U.N ship…

Comment by Holly

Full props to you Nadia for being part of something good. I’d be interested to see the projectbrief sometime and be clearer on the objectives. Sadly, due to being very overcommitted to other things, I can’t offer help apart from spreading the word and doing a spot of growing when the time comes.
Keep up the good work!
Gandhi / Daniel
(PS – in ref to the ’83 hippies served’ on this site – I’m not a hippy!!! I just wanna do things that seem like a good idea.)

Comment by Gandhi36

Thanks a lot Ghandi. No offence intended, this is a work in progress. I like the idea of changng the name of the blog’s visitors regularly. You’re seeds, not hippies, today. Have e mailed you the GROFUN proposal.

Comment by nadiacatkinhillman

the world needs more people like you

Comment by eric

Well done Nards… sounds like a wicked project!!!! Good to see you are doing something you love and care about. hugs and best wishes, Samsie xxxx

Comment by samantha Valentine

Got through and am ready to move with GROFUN Nadia. Keep it alive and all will be well, LOVE the site! Suzan

Comment by suzan

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