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October 14, 2006, 3:20 pm
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*start walking and cycling more*I will eat more natural and healthy food*love*don’t have a car*grow own food*cut down food miles*don’t use supermarkets*wood burner in home instead of central heating*switch to green electricity provider like ecotricity*recycle, reuse, reduce*be vegan*I’ll learn more practical skills like growing&preserving food and permaculture*I’ll carry on spreading the word and showing the DVD End of Suburbia to friends*I could stop using supermarkets*stop buying so much crap*natural medicine*more low tech living*live very very simply*re-learn life*reduce my ecological footprint*become anarchoprimitivist*don’t have kids*make/grow your own stuff*become vegetarian*find out facts*educate others*but land on high ground as a coop of course)*stop shopping at supermarkets cos its convenient*I am starting to teach people what to do, how not to panic and how to become independent*grow my own food*take responsibility for my own actions*spread the word*use less resources*campaign for change*don’t use supermarkets*educate*healing, meditation, group work, network*sort out practical energy and food supplies*consume less*prepare mentally to do things for myself*give more love*carry on studying holistic medicine*live by example*learn to maintain my bike*learn self-sufficiency*grow veg*oxon!*spread the word*learn a practical, applicable skill*reduce reliance on energy*pull together and start looking after and helping one another*join the Bristol Permaculture Group*talk to eachother: be creative and generous*no air travel*learn how to live*education*learn skills I’ll need*prepare mentally to do things for myself*


*pedestrianize the city centre*educate about this issue in schools*improve public transport-integrated transport eg buses that allow you to take your bike on*build energy efficient houses*subsidise local food initiatives*tax relief for cyclists and pedestrians who commute to work and school*incentives to cycle*take land from cattle and let people grow vegetables for villages*trams*encourage local shopping; local walking etc*install micro generation on each public building, wind etc*use council tax more imaginatively and greenly*trams*veg box scheme*more car boot sales*more garage sales*public awareness of issue*encourage local people to find local solutions*prioritise ‘Education for Sustainability’*improve the transport system ie. better for bikes and horsedrawn*water conservation*Bristol City Council should change all their public transport services to green fuels and carry adverts for the situation facing us ie Peak Oil rather than buying stuff!*sort out the public transport*brew more ‘Black Rat’ cider locally*grow veg on all common land such as Horfield Common, The Downs and Blaise etc*we could be an example to other citites aiming for least energy, waste, building on the eco-organic scene*advertise on billboards to turn off stand by*use my bike even more*keep challenging my kid’s school to Get Real*eat more local*


*a beautiful energy efficient, cycle friendly, pedestrian friendly inclusive public transport system*the government should start planning for the future with local energy bases*stop building more suburbs*make this global situation more explicit*implement restrictions on big corporations*tax aircraft fuel*enforce corporate social responsibility*get out of Iraq*stop war mongering and concentrate on protecting what little arable land we have left ie. stop building on it!*they are a waste of space and should let the people get on with it!*recycle all waste*promote local learning musical instruments, cooking, gardening, growing & preserving, organic sustainable food, in schools, evening classes for adults*sack them all and devolve representation to local community*trade should favour fewer food miles*stop messing with global & national control of people and help sort out local areas*government could collapse and let us do it ourselves*contraction and convergence*improve public transport and stop being so ignorant to global warming*subsidize public transport not nuclear energy*encourage/set up community agriculture projects and reduce reliance on imported products*get real*withdraw from Iraq*change tax basis from tax on work and products (ie income tax and VAT) to tax on energy use*become more efficient*cheaper to employ people rather than use machines*huge incentives to go to organic for farmers-CAP used to favour micro-production and to introduce diversity*slowly dismantle national and international power supply replace with local power production*tax airports/planes/car loads*


*We can do it!*It’s all about love innit?*some of us will survive*I think this is really exciting, possibly scar, but the power of people pulling together can sort this out*the sooner oil production peaks the better!*the world will become polarized between people who understand what’s going on and people who live in denial (to which someone else added ‘de nile will dry up’!!)


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Oil, Smoke & Mirrors

Comment by Bob

Create, inspire, feelgood, have fun.

Create generosity now

and join the fun revolution

well i would say that wouldnt i!

Comment by eric

I think a few people mentioned…not having children here but population: its growth and its control go largely unexplored, even in the so called indy/aternative media.

I’d be interested to know what people think about this thorny issue?

Comment by friutfly

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