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Olympic ‘Park’ plans include the removal of some very nice, old allotments. by nadiacatkinhillman
February 12, 2007, 11:24 am
Filed under: food-growing, gardening

The 100 year old Manor Garden Allotment field is in the middle of the
Olympic Park site. These beautiful, productive vegetable gardens are due to
be demolished to make way for a four-week footpath during the 2012 Games
despite the land being given in perpetuity. A campaign is underway to
protect the allotments and encourage a more imaginative Olympic development
which includes this special place with its healthy, green lifestyles and
vibrant community.

For more info and pictures of the allotments go to http://www.lifeisland. org
where there is a link to the petition site.

SIGN THE PETITION at http://petitions. manorgardens/ sign


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I still don’t get why people are so excited about the olympics , most
londoners i know dread them for exactly the same reasons as you. I’ve signed the petition , there are lots of other good petitions on that
site , my favourite is mark thomas’ one about getting tony bliar to give
the money from selling peerages to the taxpayer.
See also

Comment by Amias

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