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The Official Unleashing of Transition Town Bristol by nadiacatkinhillman
March 12, 2007, 4:03 pm
Filed under: food-growing, peak oil, Workshops

We at the Bountiful Bristol Bulletin are very excited to announce that Transition Town Bristol will be launched at 7pm on Wednesday 21st March at the Trinity Centre, Easton, Bristol.

Bristol is ripe for the implementation of this pro-active, systematic ‘powerdown’ approach known to some as Energy Descent Planning, a revolutionary method developed by Rob Hopkins of Transition Culture

How will Bristol feed itself, house itself, warm itself, employ itself, heal itself, amuse itself in a post peak-oil world where climate chaos challenges us more and more? What can you do to help prepare for a very different world?

An inspiring and empowering talk by Dr Chris Johnstone will kick off a programme of talks and workshops to raise awareness and invite the people of Bristol
to engage with planning for a sustainable, low-energy future. This is the first time the approach has been tried on a city scale. If any city can do it – Bristol can!!

For details see Transition Town Bristol

Log on and get in touch if you can help. If you are running a related event, group or project – send me details and I’ll put it on the website.


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