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Join the grassroots alternative to the Live Earth concerts by andykisaragi
June 13, 2007, 9:10 am
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Dear friend

We work for a small environmental non profit in Oxford, England which specialised in public communication about climate change. Although we always welcome initiatives aiming to increase public awareness we don’t think that the Live Earth concerts are doing enough to encourage new songs or support the amazing talent of people who are really trying to say something powerful or orginal. And, to be honest, we’re skeptical of the big rock star approach to big issues.

So we had a brainwave. We thought it would be fun to create a web based parallel concert called Alive Earth for everyone who has something they want to say.

We have set up a website at and a group on You Tube for entries. We welcome postings of all kinds of performances- big and small, amateur and professional, in the Hollywood Bowl and in the bedroom. We invite entries to be as angry, happy, whimsical, political, or wierd as they like providing that they have something to say about climate change, accept the reality of the science and are not offensive.

We would love you to join in-

a). By becoming a partner in the project- we will put your logo and link on the list of supporters on the site
b) By encouraging other groups to get involved. We are contacting as many groups as we can, but there will be many that we don’t have contact with. Could you forward this message to other groups you work with.
c) By publicising this initiative as far and wide as you can on you own networks and lists.
Below there is a text that we are using to promote Live Earth.

All we’ve done is to get it rolling and if you get involved this becomes your project too. This is an experiment and we don’t know how it will go or what will happen but think it might really go well. We think that the media will be really interested in a new story and angle on the big concerts- this could be a good chance to get our own messages across. We will be doing a lot of media work to get attention and would love to have your help.

But we only have one month before the official concerts, so please get involved.

Yours George Marshall ( Kezia Rolfe (


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