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a few little things… by andykisaragi
July 9, 2007, 12:50 pm
Filed under: free space, government, media, social


Just a few things I thought deserved a mention on here, but didn’t want to write a whole separate entry about each one…

People’s Republic of Stokes Croft
Maybe everyone knows about this already and I’m massively behind the times, but you know all the great arty / grafitti stuff that’s been going up on Stokes Croft, around Turbo Island and the Jamaica Street studios..? Well I didn’t realise but it’s all part of a massive (in ambition) geurilla art project all around the area. They’ve got big plans, so if you’re an artist and fancy prettying up the place a little, check out their site.

Zero Carbon Britain
This is a report put together by people from CAT, where I’m studying, on how Britain can reduce it’s carbon emissions to zero, relying upon it’s own resources, by 2027. The website is here and will have the full downloadable report on there in the next few days (or you can order a hardcopy if you like. Apparently they’re very pretty. You materialistic swine.) It’s been getting a fair bit of press, eg in the Guardian, and they’re off to the House of Commons to present it later this month. I’m not usually one for top down, government policy approaches to things, but if anyone can come up with a good government policy it’s these guys. Whether they’ll be paid any attention is another matter, but spread the word, the more we talk about this stuff, the more they have to listen…

and finally
…I enjoyed this cute advert for wind power


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