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Montpelier-The First Urban Eco-Village? by nadiacatkinhillman
August 10, 2007, 9:29 am
Filed under: peak oil

The Seven Generations shop and cafe was heaving last night with a spunky group of local folkies bursting forth with ideas and energy to make Montpelier more attractive, more community-minded and more prepared for the giant challenges of climate change and energy shortages. The meeting was very productive due to excellent facilitation and strong participation and ‘focus groups’ were formed for six key areas of interest, including mapping of the area, a web-site and community notice board, local business involvement, food security and a local LETS scheme. The cafe-style facilitation, favoured by the Transition City movement, worked very well cos everyone got involved and had several chances to make their voices heard. The info gathered will be redistributed to the whole group and a WIKI will be created soon for us to keep in touch. Actions were agreed upon to launch new ideas and as if that wasn’t all positive enough…..the creation of a simple community-garden and Welcome sign by bedtime symbolizes all that is exciting about grass roots, community action. Great to finish a meeting with a bit of direct action. It was an honour to be involved. The garden at the town end of Picton Street is for the community. Feel free to enhance it, make additions and especially, to water the plants if they need it.

Anyone interested in getting involved should come along to the next meeting at Seven Generations eco-book shop and cafe on Picton Street on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm. There are exciting plans afoot which will benefit our community and inspire others I’m positive.

In the abscence of a Montpelier community centre, 7G are doing more than their bit to assist the community. The friendly staff there have offered up their facilities (space, chairs etc) for anyone local needing a meeting space…do take advantage!


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