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Wasted Talent at Mr Wolfs on 26th of September by nadiacatkinhillman
September 7, 2007, 10:42 pm
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Wednesday the 26th of September is Wasted Talent at Mr Wolfs. Wasted Talent is an open jam and open mic event at Mr Wolf’s in Bristol brought to you in association with Body English, the team that provided the Shambala Festival with the Bristol Massive Roller Disco (and prior to that collaborated with ArtspaceLifespace to provide the Audi Garage with a roller-disco) Wasted Talent will also be overseen by the THC Society, the crew that brought Metatron, the intergalactic cabaret, to The Cube in Bristol with Jade Crystal skeletons, Hip-Hop, Alex Grey visuals and a soundhealer, also the people who introduced Bristol to the sublime sound of Carrie Tree at TeleMpathy in Cafe Delight.

Wasted Talent will primarily be an open jam affair where some of Bristol’s best musicians from some of Bristol’s favourite bands will be collaborating and innovating followed by some of the sickest DJs in the West. We are currently only looking at dedicating an hour to solo open mic performances and we would appreciate it if those who would like to play would let us know sooner rather than later (please reply to this e-mail, Londoners and Brightonians – I hope that this is sufficient warning! Tom Trel, Mr Poetic and Ms Woodwood, I’m looking at you…)

The intention is to create a mind-blowingly inspirational event with lots and lots of dancing. If there is any way you can help, any way you can sponsor or if you or anyone you know would like to play please respond to this e-mail.

Wasted Talent will be raising awareness of the rainforest crisis in Tasmania and The Tara Valley campaign in Ireland.

See for information on Tasmanian rainforest being destroyed to make paper and profit and the people who are living with those trees in Direct Action campaigns.

See for information on the ancient burial site that the Irish government is trying to build an illegal road through. (The EU have declared the road illegal and it is possibly the most potent place I have been since Cornwall’s stone circles.)

More than anything we’d like financial sponsorship for information leaflets on the causes, flyers for the event and a compilation CD to give out at the event. This would be in return for logo space on the flyer and CD cover, and raising awareness for a cause of your choice (subject to agreement.) Please respond to

Love, gratitude and appreciation


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