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Transition Montpelierrr news. by nadiacatkinhillman
September 13, 2007, 9:35 pm
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At a guess, thirty or so local residents came along to tonight’s meet at Seven Generations. Some general concerns were raised about the speed of the process and the methods by which the previous meetings had been handled. While some were concerned that the ethos and tried and tested (though evolving) principles of Transition were not being followed, some, it seemed were more happy to drive forward with positive, local actions now! These issues seemed to be dealt with quite speedily and-I think- reasonably successfully. No-one wants to impede those people already involved in building a more resilient community but with an understanding that ‘inclusivity’ is at the heart of the Transition model based on Rob Hopkin’s opinion that  “either we all pull through this; or none of us do”.

We now have a 7 or so strong ‘core group’ who among other things will organise meetings, liase between ‘sub groups’ (for food related issues, for awareness raising: for local business’ etc) and Transition Bristol, monitor fundraising and legal consideration and generally keep the process as a whole moving forward in line with the Transition process originated in Kinsale and Totnes by the originators of the ‘energy descent action plan’ that we are all now commited to formatting. It was agreed to hold a monthly public ‘meeting’- to include ‘open space’ facilitation, (consensus) decision making, perhaps some action and certainly some time for socialbility and fun along with a monthly meeting for the ‘core group’. A small group are meeting in 3 Sundays time to wander round the streets of Montpelier ‘mapping’ that which is good about our community, those areas that need attention and sharing ideas for the future, followed by a picnic. After which the general community will be invited to come along to another, more detailed, mapping-walk.

A notice board will soon be put up outside Bel’s Diner where meetings can be advertised, volunteers days publicised and info on Peak Oil, Climate Change etc might be exhibited. Possible local venues, big enough for increasing numbers of ‘Transitioners’,  were put forward- Colston Girls school, itself commited to meeting the needs of the present while preserving those of future generations, seemed a very hopeful venue suggestion. The developments of the Transition Bristol’s website, now including a forum for each village as a means of easier communication were explained and the meeting ended 2 hours after it kicked off with a very friendly atmosphere and old as well as new friends warmly congratulating each other on a well-handled and very fertile evening, rich with potential and now more clearly defined within the mushrooming UK ‘Transition’ thang.

At least this is how I saw it. Thanks to everyone who came along for their commitment, positivity and good ideas. Thanks to everyone for staying respectful and listening to each other. Let’s not allow the personal to overshadow our common  purposes and keep the momentum groing. Thank you for great facilitation from Daphne and Alice-Marie this evening.

Check if you want to be more involved. 


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Well, I cant agree more.

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