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October is Walk-to-School Month by nadiacatkinhillman
September 24, 2007, 7:39 am
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The Walk to School Campaign for October 2007 is focussing on children enjoying their local environment by walking to school

Do we want children to be a part of their local community, and to respect their local environment? Or are we happy for them to become “goldfish children” – separated from the real world by a glass bubble?

Recent research has shown that children are more restricted in their freedoms than ever before (read more on BBC…) and this is having a detrimental effect on the children’s sense of place and understanding of their local community.

The Walk to School campaign wants to reverse this trend, by asking parents and children to Walk to School, and use the opportunity to get to know their local environment.

You can use the walk to school to:


  • Get to know your neighbours Research has shown that people living on quiet roads know more of their neighbours than people living on busy streets.
  • Respect your streets People are less likely to litter their own backyard. Walking to school regularly gives children a “sense of place”, meaning they are less likely to litter or allow dog fouling – making the streets better for everyone!
  • Find a better way to walk Do you walk “as the car drives”? Why not explore the area to see if there is a better way to school, avoiding busy m,ain roads and using quiter side roads and footpaths instead?
  • Get to know your neighbourhood Developing a mental map of the area is an important part of growing up and gaining confidence in an area – very important when travelling alone in later life.
  • Practice life skills Use the walk to school to practice skills like crossing the road safely, using local shops or posting letters.
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    I always try to walk my kids to school – it’s a great time to chat to fellow parents

    Comment by Jeff

    If more kids walked to school i’m sure we’d see a few healthier looking kids and parents.

    Comment by Driving instructor

    Totally agree with you, also leave more room for me on the road.

    Comment by Driver

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