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CRITICAL MASS Friday 28 October, 5pm, College Green, Bristol City Centre by nadiacatkinhillman
September 25, 2007, 7:49 pm
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A Halloween Ride – In Solidarity & Celebration

It’s been a while since Bristol saw a Critical Mass bike ride, now its time for one!

Solidarity: with the monthly CM in London that the police are trying to shut down after 12 years of rides – see for more info

Solidarity: with all those killed and affected by the murderous oil/car culture & its side-effects, ruining our cities and planet.

Celebrating: the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. You are one less car!

Celebrating: the excitement of Halloween weekend. Let the devil in you ride out!

Bring whistles, flags, music, witches hats, ghostly masks, theatrics, smiles, friends, flyers, toolkits, and more. Lets party!

Bikes, skateboards, roller blades, wheelchairs, pogo sticks etc – all self-propelled transport forms are welcome

Thank you for not driving

A critical mass ride is a coming together of like-minded people travelling collectively in any particular direction. We do not block the traffic, we are the traffic, and we are held up & polluted by cars and the oil-petrol-car culture.


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glad to see more Internet related incitement to critical mass

I’d argue that it hasn’t been long at all since Bristol saw a CM. A resurgence occurred during spring of this year and rides have happened on the last Friday of every month since then, gathering at 5.30pm by the Fountains in the city centre, departure around 6.00pm.

Numbers have ranged from 10 to 100+, and although aggression from vehicles in May left two bikes crippled and a rider arrested – for attempting to detain the offending drivers to claim compensation -, the rides have been peaceful, fun and trouble free.

A suggestion would be to hold off your departure time for an hour until 6.00pm, joining those at the fountain, in order to create a larger mass and all the solidarity and fun that that comes with?…

Two wheels one love

Comment by Ben

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