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Introducing the ‘Bristol Food Hub’ by nadiacatkinhillman
September 29, 2007, 1:17 pm
Filed under: Food, Transition

Passionate about connecting people with sustainable, healthy food? Want to get involved in a grassroots project in the heart of St. Paul’s multicultural community? If so get in touch to find out more about the community café and social enterprise.


The Vision-Bristol Food Hub is working to protect the planet and improve people’s health and wellbeing by ensuring everyone is able and motivated to enjoy healthy, sustainable, affordable food. Through our community cafe in St. Pauls – Cafe Midnimo, our food workshops, organic farm visits and work with schools, we are connecting the St. Paul’s community with where our food comes from and how to access and prepare healthy, sustainable food at affordable prices. Following a social enterprise model, Bristol Hotpot our catering business, aims to generate profits to subsidise Café Midnimo, and our other outreach activities.


Get involved!
To make this new and exciting project work, we need to get as many people involved as possible. If you would like to find out more about what we are doing and how you could get involved, please contact

Bristol Food Hub
Transforming Bristol into a hub of sustainable, healthy affordable food.


Claire Milne
Bristol Food Hub; transforming Bristol into a hub of healthy, sustainable, affordable food.
Cafe Midnimo
163 Ashley Road,
Bristol BS6 5NX


milneclaire@ uk
07824 878904


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