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Launch of ‘Chooseday’ by nadiacatkinhillman
October 29, 2007, 4:41 pm
Filed under: peak oil

This Tuesday (Oct 30th) sees the start of something different in Bristol, as Tuesdays become ‘Choosedays’ and people, employers and organisations across the city come together behind a citywide initiative to promote ‘Tuesdays without cars’.

In the heart of the city centre commute, cyclists and walkers and other more flamboyant carbon-lite travellers will celebrate the start of a new people-led movement whose plan is simple: to change Bristol by making every Tuesday a ‘Chooseday’, a day when everyone can choose to do something more climate-friendly and, through small changes in lifestyle, make a big impact on city life.

All of Bristol is invited to cycle, walk, take the bus or the train, kayak, ride a horse, in-line skate, skateboard, or pogo stick down to Burke’s statue next to the fountains along St. Augustine’s Parade in the Centre of Bristol, between 8:30 and 9:30am to help launch this initiative to begin to get climate change under control.

The idea has captured the imagination of some of Bristol’s biggest and most innovative employers who have already pledged their commitment to help more than 20,000 city centre employees make a car-free choice, changing working practices and providing facilities that support car-free travel. Bristol City Council and United Bristol Health Care Trust have pledged their support to Chooseday along with legal firms Beachcroft and Bevan Brittan and Triodos Bank.

With no great sponsor behind it and no great organisation, Chooseday is the idea of Chris Sunderland, leader of a small charity, Agora. Easy to grasp and easy to act on, Chooseday is already inspiring ordinary people, communities and environmental groups in Bristol as a way of changing the environment on our doorstep.

Explains Chris, “Deep down we all want to do something about climate change but don’t know how. The idea of Chooseday is empowering, a real opportunity to show what we can achieve if we all act together.”

Hope to see you all there tomorrow morning- it’s a great opportunity to try a new and different mode of transport, and to get the word out to the general public about the urgent need to tackle climate change in our daily lives.


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