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Bath Bristol cyclepath under threat! by nadiacatkinhillman
January 18, 2008, 3:20 pm
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…….The West of England Partnership, composed of local councillors, are submitting plans to Whitehall for funding to use it for a rapid transit bus route from Emersons Green to Ashton Vale, one of three in the scheme. The Bath end of the path is under similar threat.
This is the most popular cycleroute in the UK with 2.4 million journeys per year. The timing of the bus route plan is particularly ironic at a time when Sustrans have just won £50 million for cycling improvements nationwide!
It is a busy commuter route for cyclists and at weekends is popular with families and less confident cyclists.
Although a narrow corridor for cyclists is planned, installation of the bus route will require using most of the path width for an ugly concrete track and consequent removal of all vegetation, destroying the path as a pleasant, green, quiet and ‘fume free’ multiuse facility….diesel buses will destroy that.
The path, sometimes called a ‘linear park’ is also used extensively by local people for journeys on foot to school, to walk the dog, to allotments and other local amenities. People with disability vehicles use it. It will not be possible to maintain this diversity of use on a narrow, fenced in path beside a bus track.
We believe that this plan would significantly reduce the quality of life for many residents of East Bristol, in addition to those from further afield who enjoy this path. We don’t oppose bus rapid transit schemes in principle but it should use roadspace, not space allocated to the most vulnerable and least powerful groups – pedestrians, cyclists and children.
We need to stop this proposal now. To wait until West of England Partnership declare that public consultation may begin, would leave little time to mount a campaign.

Come to the meeting at the Cornubia Pub, Temple St BS1
Tuesday 5th February 2008 at 7.30 – upstairs meeting room.
Directions: http://www.pubsgalo pubmap/308/

In the meantime, to register your interest, contact savethecyclepath@ bristolcyclingca uk


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As Local resident and cycle user of the Bristol – Bath railway path, I support a bus or tram based rapid transit scheme. You have no right to stop a proper well informed consultation on the BRT scheme because we do live in a democracy at the moment and everyones views heard. Don’t forget that fully accessable transport like trams or BRT is essential for wheelchair users and women with pushchairs and ex-rail corridors are ideal for this.

Comment by Luke Cork

I use this lovely, green cyclepath for my walk to work from Easton to Castle Green. I see many local schoolchildren, cyclists, people with toddlers and pushchairs, and those walking their dogs. It makes me so proud to have made Bristol my home for the last 30 years. Yes, we have a problem with road transport and congestion i9n Bristol; but removing – or restricting – one of its ‘showcase’ green areas that has been used for many years to safely transport adults and children around is not the answer. Why not create a bus route using one of the motorway lanes, and designate it for 2+ car users as well? There needs to be an overall, feasible plan for solving the traffic problem in Bristol, and not, as this seems to be, a ‘sticking plaster’ “solution” for just one route. It would only be a matter of time before taxis started to use it, and motorcycles. Please don’t let this happen.

Comment by Maggie D'Araujp

Luke…we won’t be stopping a ‘proper well informed consultation’, far from it: we need proper well informed consultation, in order for the idea of shoehorning an intrusive, polluting BRT into Bristol’s much loved and much used green corridor to be recognized as the counterproductive, wrongheaded move it undoubtably is. First bus is abusing its monopoly, it already has a crappy bus service and a crappy train service, do we really need a crappy BRT as well? a guided bus belongs on a dedicated road lane, simple as.

ps. check out – at the time of writing we’re on 8844 names and rising fast, and I have it on good authority that Bristol City Council and the The West of England Partnership quango are ‘disconcerted by the level of public opposition.

Comment by dave

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