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Moving house? Take the garden with you! by nadiacatkinhillman
April 4, 2008, 10:06 pm
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People often say that they have no time to grow vegetables and the nature of many people’s lives in so transient that they dont know if they’ll even be in the same house at harvest time.

Truth is that when faced with an uncertain future you dont have to let your garden turn to a wasteland or a jungle. Today a load of sinks, toilets and bidets were being scrapped from a big house in St Pauls, so my friend and I took then round to some ‘Grofunnies’ who have recently heard that their rented flat has gone on the market. They wanted us to help them build a transferable garden and the ceramic planters will be perfect if the couple have to leave before the crops are ready, cos they can bring them along. Containers to accommodate plants and soil can be anything from toilets to tyres and wellies to tea pots, bags and buckets work too black boxes like those used for recyclables that so often get used as rubbish bins on the dirty streets of Bristol are deep and ready drilled for drainage, but remember they are the property of the council, so they may ask for them back. Anyone can grow anywhere!

And as for time…how much time do you think you spend, driving or cycling to the shops, parking up, finding what you want, battling with all the other stressed shoppers, queing up, getting home, unpacking and then cooking? Once the initial preperation is done (with the willing help of your local GROFUN team?)- you need barely 20 mins a day to tend a small veggi-bed in your back garden. Once your neighbour catches wind of your small scale agricultural endeavour they’ll want a piece of the action no doubt and next season you’ll be swapping your ‘gluts’ over the back fence, sharing growing tips like pros and I’ll bet, wondering why you didnt sow some seeds much sooner!

Even if its just an old saucepan with a basil plant in it, or a grow bag of toms – dont be shy! I guarantee you wont regret it or you’re ‘dunny’ back!

If you’d like to know more about how GROFUN works please contact me at


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Hmm.. This is very interesting, but since this is based in Montpelier I’ve got a feeling it might be full of the sort of pretentious and condescending middle-class fork-wits who inhabit the ‘Grim up North London’ strip in Private Eye…

Please re-assure us that this isn’t the case, as the very name ‘Montpellier’ is enough to strike fear and a sense of doom and foreboding into the heart of a working class Welsh pooch…

Best of luck with your endeavours..

Comment by Bedd Gelert

The scheme ‘grew out’ of Monty long ago. It was just that in the beginning I wanted to keep things simple, so I restricted the ‘catchment area’ to where I was living at the time. We now have participants in Easton, Kingsdown and Horfield with interest originating in many other parts of the city (and the country). Dont let that put you off! Do you have a garden?

Comment by nadiacatkinhillman

Keep up the good work! Grofun is a great idea. I am useless in the garden but I have managed to keep some salad plants going in a pot. Nothing beats homegrown!

Comment by Elisabeth

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