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Local Mobilisation against the G8 by nadiacatkinhillman
May 13, 2008, 12:07 am
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As many of you will know, this July between the 7th and the 9th the G8; representatives from the world’s eight most powerful industrialized (primarily Western) nation-states; will meet near Lake Toya in Hokkaido, Japan, do discuss how best to continue robbing our earth, scorching our skies and ravaging human communities and eco-systems alike in the name of their own profit and power.

For those of us unable or unwilling to travel to Japan to mobilize against the G8’s policies, there are plenty of opportunities to oppose those policies and their effects WHEREVER YOU ARE.

In Bristol, the potential must be great. There are many ways that the anti-capitalist sentiment of the anti-G8 movement worldwide ties in with local campaigns and issues; the displacement and detention of peoples affected by the G8’s system worldwide, the damage caused to the environment and climate by the insane rolling forward of consumption and ‘progress’ at all costs, the gentrification and lack of public space prevelant in cities across the board following the G8 doctrine of a class war against the poor, the military-industrial structure that is required through endless wars and oppression to maintain the illusion of safety, the surveillance culture and crackdown on civil liberties that rolls around every time that illusion wears thin… the list could continue indefinably, but I’m sure that YOU have an idea of what most angers you about the way things are today anyway,

Do people feel the need for a meeting to discuss the possibility of an event around the time of the summit?
Or would people feel more comfortable organizing within the groups they already know and work with?

More information on the G8 in Japan can be found here – http://linux7. jp/no-g8/ ?q=node/43


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