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Manifesting Mr Wonderful by nadiacatkinhillman
September 15, 2008, 9:34 am
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An invitation to transform the way you love …

MMW is for women who are:

* interested in aiming to have a wonderful loving relationship with a man
* single, dating, in the early stages of a relationship or wanting to assess their current relationship
* committed to personal development
* ready to take responsibility for creating the kind of relationship they want
* excited about exploring new relationship and manifesting skills

There are 3 MMW Workshops based on the book Manifesting Mr Wonderful:

I Foundations – Learning to love the Self

II Dating Skills – Transforming the way you date

III Manifesting Skills – Creating the magic

The materials from the Manifesting Mr Wonderful workshops have been adapted from Freya Eostre’s new book of the same name. The workshops will take you through three phases; preparing our foundations, changing the way we approach relationships with men and finally developing our skills in manifesting. The workshops are designed to be attended in chronological order, though you do not have to commit to doing all three. Once you have attended the first workshop (Foundations) you can join a MMW support group, subject to availability.

MMW Workshops

I Foundations – Learning to love the Self

In this workshop you will be introduced to the key principles of Manifesting Mr Wonderful. You will also develop skills that will enable you to create a strong internal foundation so that you are better able to attract the kind of love you want. ‘Foundations’ will prepare you for future dating and manifesting. This workshop includes;

* Why we desire Mr Wonderful
* The 12 Principles of manifesting
* A self assessment on relationships with detailed feedback
* Self-esteem building
* Dealing with ‘negative mirrors’
* Developing self-loving behaviours

II Dating Skills – Transforming the way you date

In the second workshop in the series we build on the foundation created. This workshop will be particularly helpful for women who are ready to date or already dating. It will also useful for women who are already involved and want to examine what is going on in their relationship. The first half of the workshop will look at some of the emotional traps we can fall into; the second half will focus on how to approach dating in a healthy, self respecting way. This workshop includes;

* Recognising Mr Unavailable
* Overcoming ‘mental traps’
* Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy
* Becoming choosey
* Savvy dating
* Remaining unattached to the outcome

III Manifesting Skills – Creating the Magic

Once you have a strong inner foundation and some savvy dating skills up your sleeve, you are fully prepared. The final workshop in the series will give you the opportunity to develop your manifesting techniques. This workshop will also explore some of the challenges we may face and how to deal with them. This workshop includes;

* The ‘dream scenario’
* The ‘wish list’
* Affirmations
* ‘Becoming the flower’
* ‘Inviting him in’
* ‘Tending your garden’
* Negotiating the ‘space in between’

MMW Support Groups

Once clients have attended the ‘Foundations’ workshop, they will be eligible to attend a MMW support group, subject to availability. A commitment to attend at least four consecutive fortnightly sessions is required in order to promote some continuity to the group. The aim of the support group is to offer clients:

* the support and sharing of like minded women on the same Journey
* continued coaching, guidance and feedback where appropriate
* additional opportunities to develop understanding and skills
* feedback on progress and shared celebration of successes


All workshops and group sessions must be paid for in advance and fees are non refundable.

All current MMW prices are at an ‘introductory’ rate and will rise in the near future.

(For workshops/groups run outside of Bristol the prices are higher.)

If you need concessions please just ask.

MMW Workshops £60 per day

Please note: I am currently planning to make each of the three workshops ‘one day’ but it may not be possible to adequately cover all the material in this amount of time. If it is not possible I would run either two days or a weekend for each workshop, and the price will then be double. Until I have planned in detail and perhaps even run a workshop – I can’t be certain how much time will be needed.

MMW Group Sessions £40 for 4 sessions (2 hours each)

Please note: missed sessions will not be refunded.

If a group member (who has attended at least 4 sessions already) is unable to commit to a further 4 sessions because they are leaving the group, it will be £10 per session they can attend, paid in advance.

If you have any questions or would like to book your place on a MMW workshop please contact Freya:

07967 048 444


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I hope women realise that a lot of men are into this type of persdonal development as well. You’ve just got to seek out the enlightened ones!

Comment by Martyn

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