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START PRODUCING THE FUTURE by nadiacatkinhillman
October 7, 2009, 11:01 am
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Experiments against Enclosure – Tools to reclaim the Commons

All round the world, there are thousands of projects and people working from the bottom up, creating and resisting the system that is causing climate change and building a more just and sustainable world, right here and now. As part of the 100 days run up to the Copenhagen Climate summit, The Trapese Collective invite YOU to three days of practical workshops, trainings, discussions and inspiration on everything from crash technologies and local food to campaigning and building alternatives. Come to just one workshops or the whole three days. Check out our mid week film programme.

When? Saturdays 17th October, 31st October, 14th November 2009, 10.30 – 6pm.

Where? Arnolfini, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA http://www.arnolfini.

How? Register via Arnolfini box office or phone, T: +44 (0)117 9172300 / 01
E: boxoffice@arnolfini .
Please say which session(s) you plan to attend. Or simply turn up and register on the day. Some sessions are ‘closed’ once they start, others are ‘drop in’, (see programme)

How much? Participation is not dependent on paying but we suggest a donations from £5 to £15 per person, per day, depending on income. This will go to the workshop facilitators, who are offering these sessions for free, or to the projects of their choosing.

Food? Bring food to share or there are plenty of local eateries.

Who? Trapese are a popular education collective who among other projects edited the Do It Yourself -handbook for changing our world, in 2007. This project which draws on the themes from the book will be co-ordinated by Alice Cutler, Natasha Machin and Steve Stuffit, from Bristol with input from Paul Chatterton, and Kim Bryan and many other Trapese friends.

DAY 1- Saturday 17th October 2009
Living Sustainably, organising co-operatively.

Opening session 10.30 -11.30:
Introductions. “Autonomous Futures and Direct Democracy” – Paul Chatterton, (Trapese) talks about creative possibilities of direct action and autonomy for a sustainable future.

WORKSHOPS session 1 12- 2pm Choose between:

* Community Gardening– How to use urban space to green up our local ecologies, strengthen existing communities AND get local food! Featuring Eastside Roots and local permaculturists including Mike Feingold. (Drop in)

*Economics v Ecology? – with Will Brown explaining the way the economy works. A discussion on the false choice between ‘jobs vs environment’ . (Drop in)

*Consensus Decision Making and Facilitation. A training of tools and methods to break down hierarchies and work effectively in groups. With Alice Cutler and Kim Bryan.
(Closed once started)

2pm-3pm LUNCH

WORKSHOPS Session 2 3-5pm Choose between:

*Crash technologies in urban settings- Marvel at a grey water and water filtration systems. Create a floating Rubbish Islands, portable bio-remediation devices constructed from urban detritus. With Steve Stuffit. (Drop in)

*What do you want to shout about? The voice of dissent with the ‘The Feral Choir’: Find ways to imaginatively interpret words of passion in many styles,strategies, situations, open out the issues and include everyone. Go to the front desk to add texts and come to the workshop. Led by Mel McCree (Closed once started)

*Creative ways of juicing the politics from apples: Food and Climate Chaos. Physical and poetic participatory workshop with Natasha Machin. (Closed once started)

5-6pm Closing-feedback from all workshops and what next?

DAY 2 Saturday 31st October
Inspiring change and learning together

Opening session 10.30 -11.30:
What tactics and strategies do Ultra Red, Stuffit and Trapese Collective use to engage, inspire and inform social change?

WORKSHOPS session 1 12 – 2pm Choose between:

* What is popular education and how can it help us change the world? Learn the Trapese toolkit for participatory teaching and learning. (Drop in)

*’Creative Vandalism – From one way reception to two way broadcast. Featuring the Bristle Collective famous for stencils and subverts and how-to make seedbombs.(Drop in)

*’A Normal Person’s Guide to online and offline media activism. With Mick Fuzz (Drop in)

2pm-3pm LUNCH

WORKSHOPS session 2 3- 5pm Choose between:

*’Looking backwards to go forwards, an illuminating walking tour of some local spots with Bristol Radical History. (Drop in)

‘What is the sound of climate change?’ – International collective ‘Ultrared’ use audio to create both social change and art. They will give demonstration of their methods and pay us some highlights. Bring a sound. (Closed once started)

*The Gift & the Commons – There are thousands of ways of producing, consuming and making decisions. The US anarchist/anthropol ogist David Graeber muses on human organisation and emerging social possibilities. (Drop in) (TBC)

5-6pm Closing-feedback from all workshops and what next?

DAY 3 Saturday 14th November
Direct Action: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
Opening 10.30 -11.30
Why do we need to take direct action? With faith in party politics in the doldrums, look to the school occupations, wildcat strikes and environmental actions that are taking back control in everyday life and put democracy back into action.

WORKSHOPS Session 1 12-2pm Choose between:

* Learn techniques for Non Violent Direct Action, how to make it safe, effective. Discover a multitude of different ways to resist.(Closed once started)
* Bringing the commons back into everyday life: From housing co-ops to squatting and self managed social centres, spaces can be transformed to open up new possibilities. (Bristol Space Invaders) (Drop in)
*’Evolving Minds– How to live in balance and with integrity in a complicated and difficult world that does not always make that easy? How to develop a healthy relationship with oneself and with other people in the community? A safe space to talk about strategies for keeping ourselves well.(Closed once started)

2pm-3pm LUNCH

WORKSHOPS Session 2 3- 5pm Choose between:

*Hacktivism: How free software and free media are changing the future. HacktionLab
Following the this year’s G20 protests in London and the advent of social networks and other web 2.0 tools, Indymedia’s raison d’être is possibly now even more relevant than it was when the project started nearly ten years ago. The software tools used to build Indymedia into the World’s largest autonomous network have helped construct the internet and whose principals of openness and collaboration are changing the way we look at science, art, knowledge and even activism. (Drop in)

*Direct Action Casework – a radical response to the crisis’ : The London Coalition Against Poverty are pioneers of grassroots solidarity networks taking action on the issues of everyday life. East Bristol Debtors Alliance organise around the social question of debt. (Drop in)
* Direct Action gets the goods. From the climate camps and Co-Mutiny, Bristol to plans for Copenhagen’s climate summit this December, how do our local and international campaigns link up with other social struggles? (Drop in)

5-6pm Closing-feedback from all workshops and what next?

Films- in the Reading Room 6:15pm on Thursdays. Check out http://www.trapese. org
‘Rocking the Foundations’ – film about the Aussie ‘Green Bans’ when the BLF builders union refused to build on the cities green areas. Thursday 22nd October

‘Establishing a food forest the Permaculture Way’ – The potential of permaculture forest gardening to design abundant human ecosystems. Thursday 5th November

The Forest for the Trees” – Judi Bari and loggers. Earth first activist and IWW member who pioneered the recombination of red and green politics. Thursday 19th November

Exhibitions: In Gallery 2 come & browse The Radical Library in a beautiful, geo-dome made of locally sourced wood by Tim Floyd (www.timfloyd., packed with pamphlets, articles and books.


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