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Wanted: Positive responses to Peak Oil by nadiacatkinhillman
November 1, 2009, 11:57 pm
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The CREATE Centre is responding to the Peak Oil report from the
Bristol Partnership with a new exhibition ‘Oil or nothing’ (working
title).  With the aim of demystifying and encouraging positive action from the good citizens of Bristol, like Climate Change, time is tight. CREATE’s Graphic Designer Juliet Dearbergh is looking for help with examples of positive local action. From vegetable growing in window boxes to PV panels, under floor insulation to bio-mass stoves or even local choir, community 5 a side, street party …?

If you can help please email a
description of your project and any images you have by 9th November at the latest!. If more pics are needed Juliet can help.


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My whole family drive gallon guzzling SUVs. In summer we leave them running 24/7 so the air con can keep them cool for when we get in. iNone of us have insulation in our houses, and all have oil which blaze full bore all the time, we just crank up the air con if it’s too hot. We believe the way to avoid peak oil is to use as much energy as possible for all things, electrice can openers, electric knives, electric toothbrushes, razors….never do anything yourself that electricity or fuel can do for you. This will up demand and encourage investment and development of more technology which will avoid peak all once and for all…….forever……get it through you heads……it ain’t going to happen

Comment by Stu

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