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Last Chance to Resist Tescos Store in Stokes Croft by nadiacatkinhillman
December 6, 2010, 7:00 pm
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*We have one last official chance to stop Tesco.* It is just 5 days until the Council Hearing to decide if Tesco can open. We need EVERYONE to get involved in this last stint. Please email ** and request to speak at the meeting at 2pm on Wed 8 December. *Deadline is noon on Tues 7 December.* We need as many people as possible to speak against planning permission being granted. It will be the Councillors making the decision but the Planning Officers are intent on persuading them to allow Tesco to open. We need to ask clever questions that the Councillors can then pursue with the Planners. This will prevent the Planners from being able to spin their pro-Tesco rubbish, like they did at the last meeting. In your email, you need to give a brief summary of what you want to say at the meeting. You will only have a few minutes. It would be most effective to choose one issue and highlight that. Below are the issues we believe have the most chance of preventing permission being given: *1) Deliveries* Planning Officers are insisting the danger caused by deliveries at this site are not relevant to these applications. This is simply not true. We must press upon the Councillors that the Government’s Planning Inspectorate has ruled that because granting permission for these applications would result in the store opening and therefore deliveries, deliveries are a ‘material consideration’ and must be assessed before a decision is made. (Check out Dispatches exposure of this issue scroll along to 25 mins into the documentary** ) *2) Noise levels would exceed Council’s condition* Tesco’s noise report is extremely inaccurate. Our noise consultant has clearly shown that Tesco have fudged the noise report to make it look like they will meet the Council’s conditions on noise. The Council are ignoring the issues we have raised and are attempting to hoodwink Councillors into granting permission without giving any reasons for ignoring the significant issues we have raised. (Check out the Evening Post’s coverage of this so far * * – write a response!) *3) The Council have done nothing to encourage Tesco to involve the community in their plans* The Council’s Statement of Community Involvement says that the Council must encourage developers (like Tesco) to involve communities in their plans. The Council are dismissing this by saying that they can not make Tesco involve the community. However, the Council has made absolutely no effort to encourage Tesco to involve us – in fact Planning Officers have done everything they can to prevent us from engaging with the whole process. We will be posting more information on each of these on the website between now and next week. This will enable you to better understand the issues and ask poignant questions as the meeting on Wed 8 December. These meetings are there specifically for us to have our say. Please do not be scared to speak out. Please get in touch if you would like support on how best to prepare for speaking at the meeting – we are here to help. We really need EVERYONE to do their bit now in this last stint. *If not now then when, if not you then who?* *Monday 6 December, 7.30pm, Hamilton House Events Space* *- No Tesco performances and campaign update* Join us for a reading of two extracts from a new novel *Black Dog Running* by Simon Lys in which a Tesco supermarket is built on an ancient sacred site, the consequences bring the old world face-to-face with the new. *Black Dog Running *explores the dominance of corporations on the everyman and chronicles a story of reconnection and empowerment through the fields. We will also update you on where the campaign is at and about the Planning Officer’s outrageous behaviour and make plans to expose and stop this. *Wednesday 8 December – The Council Meeting * Be sure to be there on Wed 8 December to save our community from this monolithic corporate giant. If we can’t beat them then who can? 1pm – Convoy leaves Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft 1.30 – Arrive at College Green for short rally 1.50 – Descend on Council House for Tesco Hearing 2 – Tesco Hearing begins Please bring placards and banners and hot food and drink to share. Remember to wrap up warm! We’ve kept them out for a year – please keep up the efforts in this last stint! Keep checking * * as we will be updating it pretty much every day from now on. With love, the No Tesco team x


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