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Edible Parks by nadiacatkinhillman
December 9, 2010, 9:53 am
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Do you fancy doing a bit of guerilla
gardening and growing some fruit and
veg in the process? Do you know of a
run-down flower bed or a piece of grass
or derelict land that you would like to
use for food growing?
Well now is your chance. This year’s
vegetable bed in Castle Park has been a
great success, with lots of interest and
many people picking produce from the
bed. The bed has been an attractive as
well as tasty addition to the City Centre,
and it is intended to continue the project
into 2011 and beyond, hopefully with
the help of sponsorship from a local
In addition to continuing the Castle
Park bed, Bristol City Council Parks
and Estates would like to see more
projects like this bed in other parks
and open space areas throughout the
City, to start to turn our vision of an
‘Edible Bristol’ into a reality. It could
range from a permaculture style plot,
an orchard or nuttery, or just a few veg
interplanted with shrubs or flowers. We
would like to encourage local parks and
other groups to design and plant up
their own areas of fruit and vegetables
in areas ranging from parks, open
spaces, housing estates or derelict areas
of Council land (the use of privately
owned land will need the consent of the
landowner). If you would like to discuss
the possibilities in your locality, please
contact Steve Clampin on 0117 9223737
or e mail

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