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Bill McKibben course ‘Building Social Movements’ by nadiacatkinhillman
August 10, 2011, 3:16 pm
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Teachers: Bill McKibben, Claire Milne and Daniel Vockins

In the last few years, author Bill McKibben has devoted his time to
the founding and development of, an impressive international
campaign that’s building a movement to unite the world around
solutions to the climate crisis. During this course, Bill will step
back from his activist life to reflect on what makes for successful
social organising.

Participants will explore the history of some social movements,
including the civil rights movement in the U.S. They will then talk
about how to organise in the present age. With participants, Bill
will look at what has and hasn’t worked in recent environmental
efforts, and focus especially on the use of the internet to rally
support. What are the particular challenges of working effectively at
the local level in an era when technology has transformed how we
relate to those closest to us as well as those on the other side of
the world?

Discussions and teaching will focus in particular on: The
dynamics and politics of non-violent action How local and global
activism can reinforce each other The connections between climate
activism and building local economies Future directions in

Inspired teaching

Bill McKibben is a well known environmental author and activist, and
the founder of – . When
he’s not busy organizing, Bill is an active writer on the
climate crisis and other environmental issues. His 1989 book The End
of Nature was the first book to warn the general public about the
threat of global warming.

Daniel Vockins, Campaign Manager for 10:10. Over the last 8 years Dan
has used innovative tactics to build movements, influence politics,
engage unusual suspects, assemble coalitions and kick start powerful
new campaigns with international reach. Before setting-up 10:10 as
part of the initial team of three way back in May 2009, Daniel
coordinated the Not Stupid campaign where he launched a brand new
film distribution system, he was also president of the
students’ union at Sussex and has spent time at various UN
climate negotiations in one guise or another.

Claire Milne, local food activist; coordinator of the Stop Tesco
campaign and coordinator for Bristol Food hub. Claire has worked as a
consultant for Bristol City Council, recently completing their
Sustainable Food Strategy: a ground-breaking policy that seeks to
revolutionise the city’s food chain by identifying how the Bristol
Food Network can support projects, organisations, businesses and
individuals in developing sustainable food practices. At a national
level, she is actively involved in the Transition Network, a chain of
cities and towns across the UK working to raise awareness and prepare
for peak oil and climate change and has helped develop their food and
farming programme. At the international level Claire was previously
a Campaigner for global social justice at the World Development Movement

Course fees: �650 – All course fees include accommodation, food,
field trips and all teaching sessions.

Transition Discount In order to support Transition groups in
attending this course we would like to offer a substantial course
discount of 35% which we hope will enable Transition members to
participate (if booking please quote Ref: �Trans1011�).


A limited number of bursaries are also available for this course. We
are particularly seeking applications from the following groups of
people: Individuals involved in sustainability and/or education
projects in the global South.. Passionate individuals working with
ground breaking initiatives and alternative lifestyles. Those in
any sector considering a career change or facing redundancy and who
are keen to move into the area of sustainability, ecology,
environmental responsibility or education.

Click here for more information on how to apply for a bursary – .

To find out more about this course:

Email: admin@…


Tel:+44 (0)1803 865934


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