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In Your Own Skin: Taking Embodiment to Heart Talk at St Stephens. by nadiacatkinhillman
December 5, 2011, 3:04 pm
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International artist and experiential workshop leader, Katheryn Trenshaw, asks: Can we be both spiritual and physical creatures?

Historically, the body has been separated from spirituality. This talk looks at how connecting to our physicality can actually deepen our spiritual practice.

About the speaker:
US-born Katheryn Trenshaw, received her BA degree from Michigan State University and L’Universite Haute Bretagne, France. Her art work – watercolour painting, print-making and ceramic sculpture – has been exhibited in the US and Europe.

Her touring exhibition, Breaking the Silence, depicted the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and the subsequent struggle towards healing through 100 raku masks.

The resulting publicity catapulted Katheryn Trenshaw onto the international lecture and workshop circuit. In the mid-nineties, she moved from the US to the UK, where she has created a vast body of work entitled The Wisdom of the Stones, a combination of delicate watercolours and raku-fired sculptures of her day-dream visions while visiting megalithic sacred sites in England.

For Katheryn Trenshaw, art is a vehicle for the soul’s expression. Her continuous commitment to personal growth through living her life as art enables the creations to come from a deep, integral place. She teaches on art, therapeutic creativity and women’s issues.


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