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Advanced Urban Permaculture Design Course by nadiacatkinhillman
March 20, 2013, 7:52 am
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Launching our pioneering urban based design course. Exploring the impact of
Permaculture on urban regeneration, local economy, productive land use, soil
remediation and community inclusion.

Design Bristol
Advanced Urban Permaculture Course.
12 day residential June 4th to June 16th, 2013 in Bristol
Lead tutors Sarah Pugh and Jillian Hovey
An intensive Permacultural exploration of the complex mix of landscape,
networks, culture, limitations and opportunities in an urban setting. This
design-focused course will support you in developing innovative design
approaches to co-creating regenerative solutions for urban communities.
Together we will explore inspiring ideas, expertise and experience from
Bristol’s cutting-edge sustainability movement.

Gain hands-on experience of designing for communities through a range of
tuition, activities, discussions and field trips.  This course is essential
learning for anyone who has taken a PDC and wants to take Permaculture out of
the garden and into urban communities.

Explore how we can use Permaculture to design productive, regenerative and
resilient urban communities by:
Consulting with and engaging people towards the regeneration of their
Working alongside existing community development initiatives
Creating inclusive systems that meet people’s needs
Addressing the issues of access to affordable food and energy, education,
land, and local economy
Remediating degraded urban environments
Uncovering and building connections and networks

Cost £875, concessions£775/£675 – accommodation and all meals included. Please
email us for a booking form.
Booking deadline 3rd May 2013.
The course has been designed in consultation with local community leaders and
aims to address real needs and create viable designs and ideas to complement
and augment local plans. It takes a wide view of urban design and goes beyond
designing community gardens within a cityscape. Peak Oil and Climate Change
will hit deprived urban areas hard and the design exercises will look at real
community needs, issues and limiting factors to design towards local
resilience and adaptability. We will be uncovering the obstacles to
sustainable regeneration with a view to designing whole and healthy

(not to be confused with our one year course)


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