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Highly Recommended 6 week yoga course in Montpelier. by nadiacatkinhillman
April 19, 2013, 7:37 am
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6 WEEK YOGA IMMERSION COURSE – Starting Tuesday 7th May 2013@ Yogasara Studio, Picton Street, Bristol.
Spaces limited, booking essential.
£40 for 6 weeks
Tuesdays 1.15pm – 2.30pm starting 7th May for 6 consecutive weeks.

– For everyone who wants to slow down and feel deeply into their body
– Those new to yoga
– Those with injury or health conditions
– Everyone who wants to develop somatic consciousness and empower themselves to practice yoga with integrity.

We will utilise the timeless wisdom of hatha yoga practices along with contemporary understanding of the body mind-continuum.

During these six weeks we will explore the fundamental elements necessary to facilitate a direct experience of the balancing forces in the body-mind.

These elements include: 
* Awareness; Recruit mind creatively, cultivate proprioception & interoception.

* Foundation; relate well with gravity & the foundations within the body, create stability with denser body tissue e.g bones/muscles etc; find the “river banks”.

* Breath; discover the importance of breath, utilise the natural breath, understand the bio-mechanics of breath, explore breathing techniques & introduction to pranayama.

* Alignment & Fluidity; find how your body aligns optimally & how softening is necessary to create strength, explore fluid natural movement through the spine to facilitate asanas (postures) that are deeply nurturing….”be the river”.

* Core stability; demystify the `’core”, develop & understand bandha (the key “locks”) that facilitate stability & enhance energy flow.

* Relaxation & meditation; experience how to release & unwind the body-mind to enable deeper levels of revitalisation & well-being.

Spaces limited, booking essential.
£40 for 6 weeks
Tuesdays 1.15pm til 2.30pm starting 7th May for 6 consecutive weeks.
Call Sara Harlow 07789501884 for more info & bookings.


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