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Please take action to make EU sanctions in Burma a reality. by nadiacatkinhillman
October 13, 2007, 8:47 am
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European foreign ministers will decide on Burma this Monday – urge your own foreign minister to back targeted sanctions and incentives!

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This Monday, October 15, the foreign ministers of the 27 European Union states will meet in Luxembourg–and decide whether to live up to their warnings to the Burmese junta.

Three weeks ago, the EU vowed to step up sanctions on the Burmese regime if it cracked down violently on the protesters. If the EU fails to take action now, the Burmese regime will take it as a sign that international pressure is mere talk, and won’t hesitate to commit further atrocities.

Burma isn’t a democracy, but EU countries should be. Continue reading


17th September 7pm at the Friends Meeting House, Gloucester Rd by nadiacatkinhillman
September 7, 2007, 8:31 am
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Sara Grimes talks on how to generate people power to influence local
politics. How can we engage with policy and make our views heard?
Returning from several years in the US, Sara compares their democratic
system with ours and offers insights into how things might improve.
Donation £3 on the door. for details.

a few little things… by andykisaragi
July 9, 2007, 12:50 pm
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Just a few things I thought deserved a mention on here, but didn’t want to write a whole separate entry about each one…

People’s Republic of Stokes Croft
Maybe everyone knows about this already and I’m massively behind the times, but you know all the great arty / grafitti stuff that’s been going up on Stokes Croft, around Turbo Island and the Jamaica Street studios..? Well I didn’t realise but it’s all part of a massive (in ambition) geurilla art project all around the area. They’ve got big plans, so if you’re an artist and fancy prettying up the place a little, check out their site.

Zero Carbon Britain
This is a report put together by people from CAT, where I’m studying, on how Britain can reduce it’s carbon emissions to zero, relying upon it’s own resources, by 2027. The website is here and will have the full downloadable report on there in the next few days (or you can order a hardcopy if you like. Apparently they’re very pretty. You materialistic swine.) It’s been getting a fair bit of press, eg in the Guardian, and they’re off to the House of Commons to present it later this month. I’m not usually one for top down, government policy approaches to things, but if anyone can come up with a good government policy it’s these guys. Whether they’ll be paid any attention is another matter, but spread the word, the more we talk about this stuff, the more they have to listen…

and finally
…I enjoyed this cute advert for wind power

USA Climate change turnaround? by andykisaragi
January 15, 2007, 7:19 pm
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A couple of (vaguely) encouraging articles in the Guardian today:

Firstly, this one which states that, according to Downing Street, Bush “is preparing to make a historic shift in his position on global warming” – ie, admit that it might actually exist – in his State of the Union address.

So is it all change for America? Is the USA going to take the lead on climate change? Well, it’s difficult to take Bush too seriously on this when he’s just commited 20,000 more troops (presumably increasing the budget from – last I heard – $10,000,000 an hour in Iraq) to policing some of the world’s largest fossil fuel reserves. And as the article says, Bush last year talked about how America is “addicted to oil” – and it’s easy to trace the action he’s taken on this because it amounts to precisely nothing. It’s hard, therefore, to hold out much hope for action by the Bush administration on this. His lip service to the issues, however, speaks of the American public’s concern with the climate change which in itself is massively encouraging.
Continue reading

a year of change? by andykisaragi
December 31, 2006, 3:28 pm
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Here we are at the end of another year – a year in which, for whatever reason, climate change and environmental issues have finally made it to the top of the mainstream agenda. For me it’s been a year for figuring out exactly what the issues are and exactly how I can make a difference. Whilst climate change is obviously an issue of massive importance which needs to be talked about, it seems to be serving as a distraction from the equally pressing issue of peak oil and how we are going to continue to live without abundant supplies of fossil fuels. Becoming carbon neutral without drastically reducing our consumption of energy makes no sense when the supplies are dwindling – no matter how noble the intentions of such things as emissions trading (which are dubious at best), they simply increase our investment in an unsustainable way of life. Continue reading

pre budget airport madness by andykisaragi
December 7, 2006, 6:29 pm
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by andykisaragi
So, Gordon Brown has made his pre-budget report and, rather predictably given David Cameron’s recent environmental ramblings, issues of climate change were prominently featured.
One measure will put an extra £5 on short haul air passenger duty from February, apparently in a bid to combat aircraft emissions by discouraging people from flying. At the same time, as we know very well in Bristol, airports are continually being expanded to support ever greater air traffic. So what exactly are we trying to achieve here? More flights, but with fewer people on them? Continue reading