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Homemade Herbal Remedies: transforming plants into medicines. by nadiacatkinhillman
April 24, 2013, 1:22 pm
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Homemade Herbal Remedies: transforming plants into medicines.
Tuesday 7th May, 6.30pm-9pm at Beatroot Café, 20-21 Lower Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5BN. Then fortnightly until July 2nd.
 This is a series of hands on, practical workshops enabling you to prepare, and apply, safe and effective herbal remedies from easily obtainable herbs found in your kitchen, garden and local hedgerow.  Each session we will get to know 3 – 4 different herbs in depth, and be making different types of remedies. There will be samples to take home available at no extra cost.
Tues 7th May: Plants in the Raw… Raw herbs as foods and fresh juices. An exploration of simple and obvious ways of taking herbs which are often overlooked.
Tues 21st May: Infusions, Decoctions and Tinctures… Experimental tea tasting. Drying and storing herbs for out of season use. Infusions vs decoctions. Simples and the art of blending. What are tinctures and how to make and take them.
Tues 4th June: Syrups and Medicinal Honey… Learn how to make immune boosting cough syrups for both dry, tickly and deep, chesty coughs.
Tues 18th June: Oils and Ointments... Making calendula oil for wounds and comfrey oil for sprains and strains. Turning the oils we’ve made into antiseptic and anti-inflammatory healing ointments.
Tues 2nd July: Creams… Learn the magic and art of cream making for cosmetic and medicinal use.
Olivia Cliff is a Medical Herbalist of 13 years standing with particular experience in Continue reading

Highly Recommended 6 week yoga course in Montpelier. by nadiacatkinhillman
April 19, 2013, 7:37 am
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6 WEEK YOGA IMMERSION COURSE – Starting Tuesday 7th May 2013@ Yogasara Studio, Picton Street, Bristol.
Spaces limited, booking essential.
£40 for 6 weeks
Tuesdays 1.15pm – 2.30pm starting 7th May for 6 consecutive weeks.

– For everyone who wants to slow down and feel deeply into their body
– Those new to yoga
– Those with injury or health conditions
– Everyone who wants to develop somatic consciousness and empower themselves to practice yoga with integrity.

We will utilise the timeless wisdom of hatha yoga practices along with contemporary understanding of the body mind-continuum.

During these six weeks we will explore the fundamental elements necessary to facilitate a direct experience of the balancing forces in the body-mind.

These elements include:  Continue reading